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1:1 Power Brand Building Session

1:1 Power Brand Building Session

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Level up your brand in just one hour! Join a session with one of our PR experts about crafting your story, boosting your online vibe, and mastering communication tricks. Get the lowdown on amping up your public image, handling curveballs, and conquering the ever-changing media game. This sesh is your ticket to cracking the code of amazing PR made just for you. Fast-track your success journey with a one-hour chat that's set to revolutionize how the world sees your brand! 🌟

Meet Tikiyah: Your Brand Expert

For over a decade, Tikiyah has established herself as a dominant force in public relations, specializing in consumer publicity with a particular focus on American cultural brands. Her expertise encompasses various industries, including authors, sports, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, food and beverage, and cannabis. With a background in radio and television, Tikiyah has leveraged her extensive network of industry connections to secure valuable media coverage for her clients, past and present.

While residing in Los Angeles, Tikiyah honed her PR skills and expanded her portfolio by gaining international experience outside the United States, working with clients in Australia and Canada. Her impressive roster of brand partnerships includes renowned Hollywood figures such as Eva Longoria, Teyana Taylor, Cher, and many others. Tikiyah is deeply committed to achieving high-quality media coverage for her clients. She has successfully garnered press hits in prestigious publications like Forbes, Essence, LA Times, Vogue, Bloomberg, Ebony, Yahoo!, and Martha Stewart Living, to name a few.

Let her help you take your brand to the next level! Schedule a call today!

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